Building your wealth

Let’s grow what you have

The journey to financial security is different for everyone, with different goals they’re working towards. But if there’s one thing most people are striving for, it’s the opportunity to live life to the fullest, without having to worry about money. It can be tough to know where to start, or whether you’re making the right choices for the best outcomes. Wherever you are in your wealth building journey, we can help.

Our Independent Financial Planner, Andy Johnson, has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, and has helped many people grow their investments for a prosperous future.

Here’s how we’ll help…

  • We’ll find out what matters to you for the future. Whether you have a certain project or goal in mind, or you have ideas for your retirement, we’ll identify what’s important.
  • Using our knowledge of what we’ve learnt, we’ll guide your investments in a way that aligns them with your goals for the future, and make further recommendations for growth.
  • We’ll help you put essential protection in place, to look after what you have (be it your family, income or home) in the face of unforeseen circumstances.
  • We’ll review your plan and your investments regularly, so we can make sure you stay on the right track for achieving your goals.

Peter & Jenny,

Lower Broadheath

We moved to our present home in 2011 and decided that we needed expert financial advice. We had paid little attention to our retirement, but knew we needed help. Andy straight away put us at ease with his clear and easy way of explaining (jargon-free) what was needed to achieve the things we wanted to do in retirement. He looked at all our income streams and our outgoings to come up with a plan that would do this.

Expert financial advice is not cheap (good advice never is) and we have not been disappointed with that advice, or with him. His advice and support have enabled us to have a very fulfilling retirement, and the future is looking just as good. It is refreshing to find someone like Andy who is ethical, honest and caring in such a hard-nosed industry.



In 2014 I found myself with various pensions from former employers, but worried they might not add up to a decent retirement. I had been putting off doing anything about it, but finally started looking around for financial advice.

From the ones I found, Andy Johnson looked like someone I could get along with and trust. I was right! He listened to my needs, consolidated my various pensions into better performing funds, and formulated a plan to build my pension finances.


United Kingdom

When I reached 55 I was keen to find out my pension options; My initial need was to release cash to pay off my mortgage early, and while other IFAs had procrastinated on this issue, Andrew went the extra mile and made it happen. Paying off the mortgage has enabled us to enjoy more financial freedom and provided more clarity as to my personal future retirement plans, which I am able to review on a regular basis with Andrew.

Andrew's advice has been and continues to be empathetic, honest & reliable. He is a great example of a financial adviser who really does listen to my current circumstances and whose advice I genuinely can trust in all my financial matters.